About Cadbless Lifesciences

Cadbless Lifecare is a foremost pharmaceutical company that is contributing to helping Cardiovascular and Diabetic patients by providing them an effective range of Cardiac and Diabetes Product Range. We are producing rich quality and a safe range of product segments. We are fulfilling the needs of patients, medical institutes, and many other health care authorities for many years. Through years of services, we have attained the trust of our distribution channel by delivering them on time stock. Our safe and advanced range of products is nurturing our Franchise Company name in the market day by day. We are also offering PCD Pharma Franchise Company of Cardiac and Diabetic Products Range along with the Third Party Manufacturing Services.

We at Cadbless Lifecare deals in ISO certified manufacturing unit to deliver magnificent quality composed of cardiac and diabetic medicines to our customers. Our highly strict team of Quality Management scrutinizes every stage of the manufacturing process before delivering the manufactured products. Our customers have impetuous faith in us and our compositions. Being a customer-centric company, we make sure that we never mislead them in any way.

To make the globe Cardiac and Diabetes free, we are putting our efforts to reach out to every suffered patient through our medications. To help us in this initiative, equate with us to expand the Cardiac and Diabetic Franchise business venture by crossing all the national and international borders.

Our Misson and Vision

It is important to have a big vision to be successful in every business sector. It is well said that An individual without ambition is just like a bird flying without directions. Cadbless Lifecare is working on its vision to direct the company on the path of achieving its goals.

  • To cater the society with quality Cardiac and Diabetic Medications to make a healthy nation.
  • To become the Top leading well-reputed Pharma Franchise Company
  • To build a diligent team of professionals and co-workers to strengthen the backbone of the company.
  • To become the master player of the Pharmaceutical industry in Diabetics and Cardiac Range.

Devoted to 100% Quality Approved Products

We completely agreed with the fact that the quality of the product decides the fate of a product and company in the market. We mainly focus on the quality of the products in every aspect such as raw material, manufacturing, packaging, storage, etc. All these steps are equally responsible for the quality of the products. Our skilled professionals do a screening of every product thoroughly with appropriate parameters. A separate team has been made to separate the defaulted product to improve them by molding them. The high authorities like DCGI, FSSAI have approved our product segments and highly impressed by the innovative compositions.

Manufacturing Facilities at Cadbless Lifecare

We believe that the manufacturing process decides the quality of the product. So, it is essential to give more attention to the manufacturing process. We are having modern and latest technology equipment to carry out the production process. The manufacturing unit is capable enough to take bulk manufacturing of the medicines.

  1. High tech and specialized labs to bring out new inventions.
  2. GMP-WHO verified the production unit.
  3. Highly Sterilized and temperature-controlled unit.
  4. The regulatory bodies keep a check on all the manufacturing equipment.